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NFPA 1851 Tracking will be the focus of the SoCal PPE Admin group sessions. All topics listed below are covered in monthly PPE Software Admin Workshops

Preparing for NFPA 1851 Tracking- What data do you need? Where to get it? How to load it? We’re going to answer questions like- How do we work around missing data? What data is necessary to start using a Work Order System?

360-degree Maintenance Tracking- The SoCal PPE WO system is tracking all external servicing. Now let’s start tracking internal maintenance.

Alerts and Notifications- Maintenance, Expirations, and Approvals.

Additional Settings, such as Size, Cost, and more. Reports- What is available and how data can help.

Checklists - Converting paper inspections and checks to quick remote logging. Capture more, include more.

QR Codes- How they can be used to access and log remotely.

End User Dashboard- Are your firefighters ready to manage their own assignments?

Tracking equipment and tools, such as NFPA 1962 and NFPA 1932.

Tracking SCBA/NFPA 1852.

Projecting Future Fiscal Liabilities within PPE and planning in advance for expiring gear.

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